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You Can Get Rich Online If You Get People to Use 2 Hands

For me 2009 is going to be my BIG YEAR. I've already decided I'm going to make a lot of money this year. I know that "the economy" is on everyone's mind and there's a lot of talk about how bad things are AND how bad things are going to get, but I pretty much ignore it. A couple of days ago I got my most recent end-of-the-month check from Google AdSense and I do not see any end in sight. I mean "internet companies" come and go, as the great bust of the 90's showed us, but Google is the big daddy I have faith in. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. And everyday MORE people get on the internet not less. So until the Terminators finally take us out and turn us into mole men fighting over scraps of food I'm sticking with making money online.

OK, having said that Google AdSense is actually my OLD way of making money online. Over at my personal blog I showed how I went from making 3 dollars a month to 100 dollars a day JUST with AdSense. Oh it was not easy. It took a whole 3 months to learn it. Now that was not a normal 3 months; it was a staying up all night and fooling around on the computer 3 months. But bottom line; I did it. I "cracked the code." And in the process I pretty much learned what works in the making money online arena. That is to say I wrote about the 3 methods I now stand behind. And essentially it's one philosophy that applies to 3 different avenues; AdSense, eBay, and affiliate marketing. I stand behind these methods as being the best because a) you need no money at all to start, b) the income you can make has no limits, and c) nobody can say yea or nay to you doing business (no hiring, no boss, no "hours").

Everybody has a different idea of ​​what "a lot of money" is, but last year I was like a lot of people; ANY money made on the internet seemed pretty good. The fact that I could be in my house and somehow, without any kind of goods or services, have money show up in my bank account seemed pretty damn cool! So last year I roled along with my AdSense and eBay money and decided to put off my third element-affiliate marketing. I guess I just did not like the name; it sounded too much like Multi Level Marketing (aka pyramid schemes!). But I was also hearing about people making a THOUSAND dollars a day and MORE, so I knew I was going to get involved.

So these last few months I've been putting in the time like I did with AdSense working 'round the clock and I've been able to boil down how to be successful. You ready? This is the title piece revealed ….. get people to use 2 hands. See, making money from AdSense and eBay, as I laid out on my blog, was all about getting people to a site and then hoping they CLICK something. And that's mouse work. People do not have to be moved very much to click on something. BUT. Getting people to drag BOTH hands onto the keyboard and start typing is VERY difficult. Even if they do not have to reveal any personal information. It can be as vague as their zip code, but you'd be surprised. I mean REALLY surprised at how big a barrier this is to overcome. From mouse to keyboard. If, and when, you're able to get people to make this mouse-to-keyboard switch to fulfill some affiliate CPA offer you'll go from making "some" money on the internet to making a LOT of money on the internet.

That's it. Lesson over. But here's a little anecdote if you just LOVE the way I write and want more. Up until a few years ago I made my money buying, fixing and selling houses. And last year I was sitting on a house waiting to sell. And somebody suggested I "go work at Circuit City" and I said, "No, I'm gonna stick with this internet thing. So you've heard the news right? Circuit City has gone bankrupt. And that's bad. And sad. But that, and all the layoffs THIS week are a compelling reason to start pursuing online income. Here's a fact; I have sites up that make me money. I can create an infinite number of sites. But let's not be greedy, let's say I just keep enough sites up to make 500 dollars a month. Once you learn the techniques they do not require a lot of day to day time, they just … make money. So do that. Do that for yourself. Have this in your life. And pass the knowledge on. It's a great gift to be able to show people how to have, at least, some degree of economic freedom.

Source by David Rosenthal

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