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Why Should You Start An Online Business?

Many people asked why they should start an online business. There are plenty of reasons.

1. It is extremely profitable

2. There are lots of business models which you can adopt

3. It is simple

4. Low capital and start up cost

5. There are lots of resources which you can get on the internet to help you on your way

6. The internet population is very big

Just imagine if you want set up a real bookstore, you need to rent a store, get a license, hire staffs, design the store and do many more. The cost will be huge. If your bookstore is small, you can only store a limited number of books.

If you set up a website to sell ebooks, you only need to pay for resale rights license, webhost service and domain name. The cost is little. Some webhost provides 10 GB of disk space, that is enough for about tens of thousands of ebook, some webhost offers 300+ gb of disk space. You can sell so much ebooks on your website compared to a real bookstore. Your virtual store is also operational for 24 hours, that means any time anyone can buy your ebook.

Location is important if you want to set up a real bookstore, if the human traffic is small in that area, you will have little sales. On the internet, traffic is equally important. You may be at the last at Google page rank, but there are tons of resources to teach you how to optimize your website to be on the first few on Google page rank.

If you are living outside the USA and your currency is lower, you may earn more money due to currency conversion. Most products are sold in US dollars; you will earn more when the US dollars are converted to your local currency.

Another advantage of online business is that it generates passive income for you. Passive income can be generated by means of renting a house or a shop or by other means. However, using the internet to earn passive income is the easiest and cheaper. Passive income is income that is earned by doing nothing. If your passive income is more than your daily income, you will have financial freedom. That means you can buy what you want or spend freely. Even if your online business is not that profitable, you may still earn extra income per month.

That is all the reasons to start an online business. The earlier you start the more you may earn. Start today and start generating extra income for yourself. Best of luck and success to your business!

Source by Mike Ong

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