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Web Copy That Works – 3 Tips to Selling More

In this article I share with you the secrets of writing…

Web copy that works

An essential skill if you ever want to make real money online (or anywhere else for that matter, because driving offline traffic online to buy is cheap, easy and amazingly profitable). After all, getting traffic, no matter how easy you make it, is a waste of time if once they’re on your site they just bounce off again right?

So, three quick tips for compelling website copy:

  1. Practice writing headlines. According to research you have about 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention when they land on your site… otherwise they’re off into the wide blue yonder of the Internet. That means your headlines have got to be extremely powerful and promise the reader a reward for sticking around to read the rest of the page. More than that, your landing page, no matter what it is has got to match the expectation your visitor had when he or she clicked whatever link to get there. In other words, if they were looking for green widgets then that’s what the headline and copy should be about (this is especially important for AdWords and article writers).
  2. Know your market and what they want. One of the most common problems I see with clients is creating products no one wants to buy; and they create them because that’s what they want to create. Big mistake. The key is to find what your audience want… and then give it to them. And how can you this out? Ask them. Online surveys are easy and cheap to do and you can get your finger on the pulse of what they’re interested in without having to put in a lot of time, effort and money to create a product that might not ever sell.
  3. Give them your best. Most people make the mistake of holding back — they rightly give away some information but then save the best stuff for their paying customers. This is a mistake. You should give away all your best stuff… because then people will say, “wow… if this is his FREE stuff… what’s the paid stuff like?“. And you don’t have to cheat anyone because you can present your paying customers with the same material packaged more conveniently, in more than one format, and so on — let’s face it, you don’t get anything from a live seminar you don’t get from a book, not in terms of content. But the experience is very different, and that’s what you pay for.

It’s all really that simple.

Want to discover more about writing web copy that works?

Source by Jon Mcculloch

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