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Some Things You Can Do So You Do not Get Burned

There is a lot of hype and fluff all over the net these days and you have to be careful otherwise you can be easily burnt. Before buying any product from a site make sure you do several things and the chances of being ripped off will be minimized. Always make sure that the site has contact info, something along just email would be great. If the site has a phone number then call the number and see who answers. Does the site have a support system for people who may have problems with the product. This is especially useful if you are looking at a software product of some sort.

If the site only has an email address then I always make sure to send an email and wait to see if I get a reply before before ever making any sort of purchase. Check the site out with ripoffreport and the Bad Business Bureau to see if anyone has had any problems with the company or the product .. It might also be a good idea to look at the sites keywords and then do a search you may be able to find the same product for a whole lot less and maybe even for Free.

I also do a little research on the marketer who is promoting the product. If it is a marketer who has been involved in shady products of the past then I am extra careful before I make any purchases. It is not important for the site to have some endlessly long sales page for the product you are looking at because if the sales page is real long then you know you are dealing with somebody who is good at hype and fluff. I like product pages without any Sugar Coating.

If you are looking at a business opportunity or some MLM company then make sure they are members of an organization like the Direct Marketers Association. Also ask for the opinion of somebody who is not involved with the products or the company. A Biased Opinion can sometimes be a great help. Talk to some of the companies customers to find out more about the company you are looking at. Do not let anyone fool you by telling you that you can make a great income for very little work. The only ones I see doing this are the Nigerians with their Scams.

See if the company has a forum or some type of way for other people to communicate with each other. Do not get taken in by these calls that they want you in on because these are meant to be sales calls where they give you a lot of hype and try to get you excited about forking over your hard earned money. If something costs like $ 1000 to sign up and you see that $ 800 is being paid out for signups then something is wrong here.

For any product or business opportunity pay with a credit card that offers some additional protection. Discover card and American Express are the better ones to use. AMEX offers you an extra year of protection while Discover card gives you 90 days. Mastercard and Visa only give you 30 days protection. If you do not have a card of your own then see if you can either borrow one from a relative or get yourself a prepaid credit card.

Source by Jeffrey Solochek

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