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Profitable Paper Piecing on eBay – Part 2

Basic Paper Piecing Tips

Here are some tips that will help you create paper piecings that will sell!

Save some time by eliminating the "tracing" of patterns. Take your pattern, lay it
over your cardstock and use your stylus to "trace" it onto your cardstock. You will not
need a light box or copier for this and you can re-use your patterns again and

Use the Fiskars soft-tip micro-touch ones. They have an ultra fine tip that will allow
you get into small spaces and make precision cuts. You should also try to move
your paper around instead of moving the scissors. This will allow you to cut a
smooth and even line.

Sets that have more than one matching piece do better than a stand alone paper
piecing. Even a title or matching smaller accent piece of paper helps! Other things
that help are matching tags, journaling boxes, corners, borders, or stickers.

Learn how to do details. Invest in a very thin tipped black pen and a white gel pen to
add detail to your pieces.

Use lots of shading on your paper piecings. Shade with chalk – use the teenie tiny
pompoms with hemostates to hold the pompom to do your chalking and shading in
small places. Take a look at some tole books to learn how to create proper shading
on your sets. Practice shading techniques by taking a household object and shining
a light on it. Note where the shadows and highlights are. Move the light and see
how the shading changes.

Make your paper piecings special or unique. Try to use the latest scrapbooking
trends in new and unusual ways.

Pay attention to color schemes. Invest in a color wheel and earn how to use it.

Organize Your Paper Piecings

Use a set of drawers, page protectors or other filtering system to keep track of all of
your paper piecings. Separate them by:

(1) paper piecings that have been bid on / sold but not sent out

(2) paper piecings that have not been sold

(3) paper piecings in progress

You can also have them packed and ready to ship as you list You may need to
combine some paper piecings for a customer that wins multiple pieces, but the
packing is already done and makes shipping go faster!

Setting Up An Accounting and Tracking System

Having a detailed and organized accounting system is essential for a paper piecing

Set up a three-ring binder, index card, folder, spreadsheet or file system that
includes the following information for each auction:

Title (you may want to place a printed copy of the paper piecing along with the

Date Listed

Starting Bid

Date Sold

Final Bid

Winning Bidders Information:


eBay ID








Total Due

Total Profit

1st notice sent

2nd notice sent

3rd notice sent

Form of payment

Payment received date

Date PP sent to buyer

Notice that it was sent

Give feedback

Receive feedback

Other bidders

Spruce Up Your Auctions With Basic HTML

Basic HTML is easy to learn and can really make a difference in the appearance of
your auctions. Go to http://www.lissaexplains.com/html.shtml and learn some
HTML information that you can use in your auction description box. You can type up
a "template" using HTML in Word or WordPad and just "fill in the blanks" each time
you want to list a new auction. This saves a lot of time.

Advertising Your Auction

Do not count on your auctions to advertise themselves! Create an email list and ask
every customer if they would like to be informed when you list new auctions. Repeat
customers will become some of your best customers.

Keep your email addresses grouped in your address book on your computer and
send using the "BCC" so that you are not revealing their email address to everyone

When you list new auctions, just send out a short email letting them know what you
have listed and include a link to your listings page.

You can also send out advertisements on scrapbooking related "groups" or email
lists. You can do a search on Yahoohotgroups.com, the MSN groups or any other email
list to find scrapbooking groups. Email the list owner to find out what their policies
are regarding ads. A lot of lists allow ads to be placed once a week.

There are also "For Sale and Trade" message boards at scrapbooking sites that you
can advertise at. I do not recommend advertising on regular message boards, though,
because most of them do not allow it and it will really get everyone upset!

Accepting and Pricing Custom Orders

You've got QUESTIONS?
"I was just asked if I could do a custom of one of my PP's for a person that lost out
on the bid. How would I charge someone for something like that? "

We've got ANSWERS!
You should try to charge right around the same price of the ended auction. Maybe a
few dollars short of that. Only do this if you are satisfied with the ending bid price.
If the price was too low, feel free to quote a higher price for your work.
Be sure to make it worth your time and effort. Do not sell yourself too cheaply!

Here is a form letter you can use to reply to custom requests:

"Hello! Thank you so much for you interest in placing a custom order for XXXXXXX
would be willing to make this paper piecing for you for $ XXXX plus $ XXX for
shipping. Please note that insurance is optional and would cost an additional $ XXX.

Custom orders may be slightly different than the set you have seen because these
items are handmade. Colors may vary slightly also, but I always attempt to get as
close to the original as I can.

Please be advised that I am currently allowing XXX weeks for any custom orders.
You can pay for this order using PayPal, check or money order.

Please respond to this email to let me know if you still want to order this set.
Include your name, address and any special instructions for the paper piecing.
Thanks again for your interest! "

Providing Good Customer Service

Working with customers through online auction sites is the same as working with
any other type of customer. Do your best to provide good customer service. If
someone isn? t pleased with an item that they receive, do your best to replace the
item or refund the money.

You may want to offer incentive programs to repeat winners. You could offer a
discount after so many wins or even offer to do a free paper pie after the person
wins X amount of your auctions.

Always answer emails in a timely manner, ship items as soon as you receive
payment and be polite in all of your correspondence.

Copyright © 2002 Antuanette Wheeler


Source by Antuanette Wheeler

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