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How to Make Money While Homeschooling

If you ask a homeschool family why they do what they do, you are likely to get a variety of answers. Most likely though, their answers will include flexibility and the ability to engage in something that they are passionate about. Let's face it, things that we are passionate about are always much more fun and productive, and that is certainly true for homeschooling. They are not always profitable, but in this case, it can be. There are many families who wish they could homeschool, but for financial reasons, are regretably unable to experience the passion, depth of education, and flexibility that their homeschooling friends experience. The solution to their needs can be met by the passion of those who homeschool. What's the answer you ask? Homeschool families can homeschool other people's children and charge a fee for their services – a tuition, if you will. This option has several benefits for both parties and is gaining in popularity.

Those who do not homeschool typically they fall into two categories – those who would never be interested in it, and those who wish they could but can not give up an income to do so. The latter group is a growing number, and it is not unusual to find that the only hindrance for some who wish they could homeschool their children is the loss of income they would experience if they stayed home to set up a homeschool program. What if, though a passionate, strong homeschooling family was to take in a few students into their program and charge tuition for doing so? This would create an income for the homeschooling family and afford the other family an opportunity to reap the benefits of homeschooling. The benefits to both families include financial gains, flexibility in the homeschool program and educational setting, and individualized attention for each of the students.

If this is something that appeals to you, here are some things to consider. For the homeschool family it is important to think about the choice of curriculum in your program. If you plan to offer your services to others, you will want to ensure that your curriculum teachers solid skills in all of the primary core subjects areas including learning skills. You will also want to be sure to have identifiable tracking systems in place to document where each student is in their course work, where their assignments are kept, and what the standards are for grading, testing, and moving forward. If you plan to charge tuition, you will want to do a market survey to determine the value of your program in your local market. Related to this, you will want to identify the unique character of your homeschool program and what is "unique" about you – what your niche is in that market. And finally, you will need to verify any local codes for homeschooling in your area to guarantee that you are meeting all state and local regulations with both the curriculum you are using and the space you are offering.

For the family who is seeking a homeschool family to work with their child, they should consider a few questions as well. Beyond the obvious school hours and tuition schedule, these questions would include such things as space for your student to work, activities that might be available to your student through coops, such as Speech for instance, and ages of other children in the homeschool program. Please be sure that you do not think that all of the other students should be of the same age, though. There is so much more to be gained from a variety of ages in a school setting. A mixed age school group is much more like the "real world" of offices and businesses, so it is very important for students to learn to find common ground in spite of age differences. The age of your students, both for the homeschooling family and the homeschool-seeker, will dictate some of the other pertinent questions, but these few will get the conversation started.

Certainly there are other unique factors to consider if you plan to create a homeschool program in your home that benefits other families too. But consideration of this option can make a difference for you, as a homeschooler, and for others in your community who could benefit from a specialized program unlike anything they could receive in the public school system. Not only this, but the financial options can become an empowering source of income for the homeschooling family.

Source by Camille Rodriquez

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