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Grow Your Online Business With Facebook

It's no wonder that online marketers are beginning to look at Facebook as a method of advertising. It is now boasts over 550 million users and the most active social site in the world. So does not it just make sense to get your name in the mix.

Many of you know about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising with the big names such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN). These can be cost and need to have very precise campaigns for your target market if you plan to generate quality leads. This can break you before you see the profits.

Now with the social media scene growing and evolving at an astounding rate it's a critical time to get involved. People spend much more time on Facebook than they do any search engine. It also captures and holds the attention of users for a much longer time on average.

Within Facebook you can create your personal page, a business page, fan pages, event pages, groups and the list goes on. So you can see the multiple ways to grow and strengthen your presence online by just creating some additional pages for yourself and your business.

Videos are also such a great way to get yourself recognized and create a personable connection with your audience. Some people would rather be in front of a camera, and some are better in writing. Both can be equally effective if utilized correctly

Here's your plan to action. Create an ad in Facebook using their simple to use ad manager. Direct your ad to your business page or fan page. Here you will have a video explaining yourself, your product or whatever message you would like to get across. If you're not comfortable with video, create a compelling page giving an informative reason why you have what they want.

Of course, you can always take this to the next level to grab and hold leads, but this is a great start. This alone will tremendously increase your opt-in leads and create your presence as an expert authority in your business.

We must embrace change and keep up with the times if we are going to advance our business to the next level.

Source by Shayn McFarland

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