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eBay-The 5 Keys To Getting Great Feedback

If you ask anyone what their greatest fear is when they buy on eBay they are more than likely to tell you it is the risk of being ripped off. Dealing with people you do not know and are never likely to meet makes most of us a little bit apprehensive. The way that eBay has helped us overcome these natural fears is by the use of the feedback system.

In simple terms this allows both the buyer and seller to assess a transaction as positive, neutral or negative and add a comment as to how it all went. Whilst not a totally fail safe system it does help to provide a level of trust between buyer and seller.

To achieve a good level of sales it is important to have a good feedback rating. If you have been buying and selling on eBay for any length of time you will know that sometimes someone will place an unwarranted negative feedback. eBay themselves are also aware of this and providing your feedback rating is over 97% positive then
you can be considered a trusted eBayer.

Whilst eBay encourage everyone to submit feedback many do not bother, but there are ways that you can impress the other party so that they will want to leave you a positive feedback and favorable comment.

1. By far the greatest number of comments I get in my feedback rating is regarding the prompt delivery of the items. I always dispatch the goods as soon as I have received payment and by first class mail. The quicker you get the goods to a buyer the more likely you are to get good feedback.

2. Communication between buyer and seller are very important. A Prompt and polite reply to buyers questions goes a long way towards building trust and creating a favorable impression.

3. Make sure that the item is packed well and securely.

4. Ensure that you have described the item exactly and that you have stated any flaws or defects that there are. If you do not you will have a disgruntled customer who is not only going to return the item but could leave you with a neutral or even worse a negative feedback.

5. React quickly to any post sale questions about such questions as items lost or damaged in the post. A quick and helpful response can often save the day on these occasions.

The point to remember is that we all like good service whether we are in a shop, restaurant or buying on eBay. The sellers who provide the best service are the ones who are going to get the best feedback.

Source by Dave Bromley

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