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E-Books and eBay – A Stepping Stone to Success

You want your piece of the pie. You want to make a living online. You want to be an internet marketer. You want to start the fastest way you can. To do that, you decide you are going to set up an ebook business on eBay. You can start fast with almost no investment. You have a built in traffic machine, the eBay site itself, and you are already to go. But you are not really ready for your online marketing career. Why not? Because ebooks and eBay are stepping stones to the rest of your internet marketing. You need to plan to take advantage of that stepping stone to really succeed.

There are thousands of sellers on eBay selling the same items that you are. For you to make a significant amount of money, you will have to sell a ton of books everyday. It is not impossible to do, but it is hard to do. If it is difficult, then why is the advice to start on eBay with ebooks offered so often by so many?

The reason is, you can make a living, and a good one, using e-books and auctions sites if you know how to leverage your sales. That is the key to successful internet marketing, leveraging your sales.

What do I mean by leveraging your sales? You should not be satisfied to sell an ebook to your customer. You want to sell more than one book. You want your customer to be worth hundreds of dollars to your bottom line, not just two or three dollars. That is what leveraging you sales is. Taking a small sale and turning it into a bigger sales.

To take advantage of leveraging you have to think beyond the single sale. You have to map out a strategy after the sale. You have to plan ahead of time how you are going to get that buyer to buy more from you. That requires planning ahead.

First on your plan is, how is the one book that your customer buys going to help you make money even if you can not get your customer to buy more from you right away. The way to do that is to make sure you have links to your products in the books and affiliate links in the books that you sell. That way, if your customer clicks on any of those links, while reading your book, they will end up at another sales page where you will make money.

Another part of your plan is to try and capture your winning bidder, while he or she is still in a buying mood. You utilize your download system to redirect your customer to other offers you present before they actually download their original item. You make them an offer they can not refuse loaded up with tons of ebooks and bonuses for a very reasonable price.

Not everyone will take advantage of this offer, but if it is done right, you will get a percentage of your buyers opting into this second purchase.

In the example above, you saw how we used just two additional strategies to add to our sales. We used links in ebooks and we used additional offers. There are many more ways to compound your sales. Your eBay sale is just the beginning of the process. It is just a stepping stone to more profits. Plan your path correctly and you will see your online income multiply.

Source by Ray Johnson

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