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Day Trading Green Chip Stocks – A Lucrative Business For Work at Home Moms

A New Business Solution?

Maybe you are looking for a new job, or maybe you are looking to work at home. If you need extra cash or want to become financially free, day trading green chip stocks or investing in alternative energy mutual funds may be for you. As a mom day trader, you could make up to $500-$1000 a day simply buying and trading green stocks online.

What are Green Chip Stocks?

Green stocks are stocks that lessen our dependence on foreign oil and provide environmentally friendly alternatives to solutions that usually carry a dirty carbon footprint. Solar energy, wind power, bio diesel fuel, hydrogen power, and other alternative energy providers are looking to mass market their product. Alternative energy is fast becoming socially accepted in mainstream media, and investors are looking for fresh stock to diversify their portfolios’. Now is the time to look for green stocks. Buy them cheap and once they become hot, sell them, double your share price, and make a small fortune.

Why Trade Green Chip Stocks?

Alternative energy or green chip stocks are becoming a hot trade on the market. Better yet, a novice can get in on the action by buying penny stocks. Because penny stocks are inexpensive, they are an easy buy and trade. Penny stock share prices swing very fast, and you may buy a stock for $0.10 one day and sell it for $0.75 a share the next day! Multiply this by 10 shares, and you have a great investment for one day of “work”. If you bought 200 shares using the same figures you would have a $200 investment turned into a $1500 investment in one day. Do this with a few different stocks and make $500-$1,000 a day with a small investment!

How Do I Pick and Manage My Stocks?

There are a few good online stock management services. The best service I found is Forex. They offer assistance when purchasing stocks or mutual funds. Their automated stock services help make your initial investment easier. Their services include advanced order management tools, a choice of charting packages, and auto execution tools. In addition, Forex’s experienced research team provides robust market analysis you won’t find anywhere else, from real-time commentary to essential daily and weekly reports that summarize key market developments with an insightful perspective. Therefore, Forex takes all the guesswork out of selecting, buying, and trading stocks.

A Sound Investment for Work at Home Moms

As a mom, you are at an advantage to trading green stocks. Think about it: you know a deal when you see one. You know how to stick to a budget, and you are less likely to buy into get rick quick schemes. Imagine trading stocks around your schedule while sitting on your porch (or the beach) with your laptop and a cool drink. Trading green stocks could make all this and much more possible. To further your understanding on green stock trading research the current literature on this subject, or visit this website to discover more green chip money making options.

Source by Heidi McIntyre

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