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6 Quick Steps to Make More Money With Link Popularity

In order to make your web site popular it is desirable that you place the links of your web sites on other popular web sites. Link popularity is very important as it is a way by which you can achieve high ranking in search engine results page. Here are six quick steps to make more money with link popularity.

Step1: for best link popularity, it is important that you give your web site a look that is professional. A professional web site is free from flaws such as broken or missing links. Always remember that the directories do not take in web sites that have broken or missing links. Hence good quality professional web site creation is the first step to link popularity.

Step2: It is important that you submit your web site to good quality directories. For best link popularity it is really important and the importance of this step increases if you are launching a new web site.

Step3: make sure that the web site you are requesting links are of good quality. Remember that search engines are very particular about this factor. The web site that is linking your web page plays a keen role in your ranking in search engine results page.

Step4: Go for exchanging links. Request good quality web sites that have high traffic to put your links on the web sites in exchange of their links on yours.

Step5: for best link popularity, it is desirable that the HTML code that you are sending the linker is free from any errors. This will encourage the linker to link to your web site.

Step6: for best link popularity, patience is the key. Do not expect to get popularity in one day.

Source by Sean Mize

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